Riff Raff Podcast [EP.65] Our BETTER Top Songs of 2022


Toilet Radio picked six songs, Riff Raff picks six better ones. TR covered the Handegg Championship; RR shits on the World Cup. You decide who’s better—a podcast that plays you six choons every episode 😎, and one that only plays one with about an hour of preamble 🤓

How have you let us get away with this shit for a whole year?!?! It’s actually been longer since Hans and Eenzy made like a couple of auralnecrophiliacs and took over Pat and Kit‘s two-headed baby bird only fly it straight into the terrible-multilingual-pun dirt. Once again joined by their avian associate, Roldy drops in with some surprising picks that the boiz on the tip of their toes wooden clogs. This episode is already delayed enough as it is, so I’ll keep it short:

Weakeners beware, these tunes below rip hard, slap harder, are so fvcking trve kvlt that just listening to them put your boy Eenzy in the hospital for two weeks.


Now getcha pull.

New Music Features This Week

Intro Track
Beekeeper – Black World Cup Winter

Hans’s Picks
Swelling Repulsion – The Door under the Mountain
Horrid Sight – Dark Hallucinations

Eenzy’s Picks
Heriot – Coalescence
Tomarum – As Black Forms From Grey

Roldy’s Picks
Alburnum – Ik Kan Niet Zien
Darkest Era – The Ashen Plague

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