Toilet Radio 418 – Rolling Coal to the Gojira Show


This week on the Toilet Radio podcast: Errrmmm, you mean the Superb Owl? / More adventures in trying to sell musical equipment online / Joe Lynn Turner Explains It All: The Illuminati Edition / Reader emails! / Psycho Las Vegas having money problems? I blame that son of a bitch blackjack dealer on The Cortez / Hammerfest (?) in the UK appears to be a huge scam! / MetalSucks published a horseshit chunk of marketing content disguised as a study on heavy metal tours and carbon emissions. We dive into it this nonsense / Imagining a guy that loves Bring Me the Horizon and thinks Fall Out Boy is for babies / Manowar and Germany, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Music featured on this show:
Stump Tail Dolly – Shady Grove

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