Riffs for Reproductive Justice feat. Thou, Racetraitor, and More!


Give up those dollars generously, get a sweet new comp.

As you’re likely aware, among myriad other humanitarian injustices committed by this country, reproductive rights are being actively taken from women. States are competing to see who can be the first to take their case to the Supreme Court and destroy Roe v. Wade, making abortion illegal again. The religious right has effectively outlawed abortion in huge regions of the U.S. already. States have fought a war of attrition with women’s health care providers, leaving people without adequate health care. Women die by the thousands when safe, legal abortion is not available. It’s gonna take all our support to make sure no one loses their fundamental rights. Today we’ve got a real easy way to make your voice heard and support some folks doing the hardest work in this fight.

Black Flags Over Brooklyn has just released a big honkin’ comp full of big honkin’ riffs. Riffs for Reproductive Justice is a veritable who’s who of siqq bands we’ve featured here, including Ithica, Redbait, Sunrot, and Racetraitor. You’ll get 33 bands from the world of punk, metal, and sad goth acoustic. Best of all, all proceeds will go to support the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Yellowhammer Fund, helping people get the medical care they need. Get a tight ass compilation and do some good by throwing your hard-earned skrilla at Riffs for Reproductive Justice. Then let me know what track is jimmying your jam in the comments.

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