Premiere: GOREGÄNG – “False Flags”


Transcending Obscurity has another hot dose of death metal for ya.

Like An Everflowing Stream, Transcending Obscurity has a seemingly endless supply of extremity with a Massive Killing Capacity sure to leave you Indecent and Obscene. Their latest promotional Hate Campaign brings us this chunk of Sickening Art from Death Metal duo Goregäng. Featuring Jeramie Kling (also of Venom Inc, Ribspreader, and previously with the departed Wombbath) on guitars & vox and Taylor Nordberg (also of Ripspreader and Wombbath) handling drums and additional guitar duties, Goregäng come ready made with a pedigree in Questionable Ethics. I’m stoked to present “False Flags” the second single from Goregäng’s first full-length Neon Graves here for you today in this lovely video package.

“False Flags” ebbs along with an undeniable punk propulsion underneath the death metal trappings. The gang vox and guitar feedback betray a bullet belt hidden beneath Goregäng’s many-patch’d dork suit. Click play below and jam along on this imminently headbangable splatter of HM-2’d 90s death-metal-with-a-touch-of-crusty-stank madness.

Do you dig? Check out the band’s Bandcamp page to hear their self-titled song and pre-order one of many dope physical offerings before Neon Graves drops on May 20th. Tell ’em the Toilet sent you.

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