A Toilet Radio Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!


It’s a Toilet Radio extravaganza! Joe, Breno, and 365 each wrote our own heavy metal choose your own adventures. Remember those sick-as-fuck books you read as a kid that let you forge your own path through a thrilling adventure? We’re doing our best to pay homage with three different metal quests that let you choose your destiny. Come along as we branch through the winding options of each wild tale. Will Joe choose to eat a chicken tendie instead of meeting his metal heroes? Will Breno trick us into accepting his mystical, golden scepter? Will 365 get shot in the face by a well-known metal musician? If you don’t like this episode, our show will never, ever be your jam cuz, FOLKS, it’s a good one.
Music featured on this show:
Mammoth Grinder – “Superior Firepower” from Cosmic Crypt (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Genocide Pact – “Desecration” from Forged Through Domination (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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