Shiva – Oppressed: A Video Breakdown


Stressed, depressed, and unimpressed.

Oppression isn’t a new concept for music, especially metal. Artists, bands, and even music genres have been created and have thrived under the long shadow of “us vs them”. It’s something that every average person can understand: there’s someone above you, like a teacher, or boss, or authority figure, that makes decisions that keep you down. Over the past few years, though, oppression, for some, has shifted from “the few in power are hurting the poor masses” to “I should be allowed to say slurs loudly and publicly without any consequences” or “You made fun of me, so I’m going to buy Twitter and let all the banned people come back.”

The broad message of oppression through art can be widely understood and usually agreed upon until we dig a little deeper from where it is originating. Same message doesn’t always mean you’re on the same team. Just because extremist internet goobers like, say, Boogaloo Boys talk about freedom and liberty, doesn’t mean they want freedom and liberty for all. They have their specific, and often times, actually oppressive views that fit their narrow worldview, everyone else be damned.  Give people enough time and they’ll eventually reveal themselves. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Shiva is an Australian deathcore band and they’ve got things to say. Political things. Strong things. Strongly political things. The band recently released a lyrics video for their song Oppressed. What’s keeping the Shiva folks down? Government, politics, y’know…stuff. They intersperse footage of protests and riots to go along with their lyrics. The message is generic enough for the general concerns to appear agreeable for most. That message of being oppressed loses a lot of weight when they use clips of right-wing extremists storming the capitol because their god-king lost an election. The final shreds of credibility get thrown into the dustbin of history when your lyrics video is riddled with typos. It happens. There’s probably a few in this very article. Whoopsie doodles. Let’s break it down.



I’m really hoping the government condemns me to “Death by naked lady avalanche”




I have to hand it to them. They make a good point.


*You’re Afraid To Lose


Ahhh, there’s that context I was looking for.



Also “Tell-A-Vision” belongs on r/im14andthisisdeep


Just a quick crop-dusting of Trump for you.


I don’t know about death, but liberty is taking a hit with over 800 people being charged for the Capitol insurrection so far.


Well, is it a simulation or a dream? C’mon, government. Make my decision for me!






Finishing up your video with waving Trump flags is not an accident.


I have nothing else to add other than lol here’s a Shiva Dragonball Z AMV.

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