Flush It Friday / Bandcamp Friday: 100% Support for Fiadh Productions


Be kind to animals / listen to black metal frog synth

I recently purchased a cassette tape from Fiadh Productions, a New York-based label that “[promotes] all that is wild, dark & enchanting” while also “supporting animal rescue, rights & welfare.” It’s female-fronted. It’s anti-fascist. It’s a label with which our esteemed colleague and resident dungeon-dweller Megachiles is familiar.

At first, I was going to use this space to review the album I purchased from Fiadh, but, in honour of the return of Bandcamp Friday and Fiadh’s BCF 15% discount code “lunasa,” I thought it best to simply throw a Flush It Friday’s worth of support behind the entire label.

Yes, we could talk about and review the album I purchased. Yes, we could talk about how Fiadh releases limited-numbered and beautifully crafted cassettes, CDs, and vinyl for bands from a plethora of different genres and sub-genres. Yes, we could talk about how so often—if not always—proceeds from the sales of these items go to a variety of charitable organizations. Yes, we could talk about the 40-band compilation From Dreams to Living Things that has currently raised over $1000 for Transform a Street Dog‘s efforts to save dogs from Ukrainian war zones. Yes, we could talk about all of these things—and we should!

But we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going to talk about the cornucopia of goodies that came with my tape. (The tape itself is so beautifully and lovingly made that I cannot wait to send it to a friend who will devour its contents.) Did the package include a gummy little dinosaur thing that is either candy or a little toy? Yes. How about a patch of the band whose tape I purchased? Oh yeah. Two cute little stickers, one that is a unicorn that reads, “You are strong enough”? You betcha. (The other one is a skull-headed bee carrying a star.) Nine—count ’em up, onetwothreeforfivesixseveneightnine—Bandcamp download codes for Fiadh releases? I swear I’m not lying. A recipe for a goddamned vegan spiced pan-roasted pear cake that is currently my new favourite bookmark and hiding inside a newly translated and published copy of Paul Lafargue’s classic The Right to be Lazy? Fucking yes, bruvs.

Now, I can’t promise you that when (not if) you order a tape or a CD or vinyl or shirt or any other “soul gems” Fiadh has to offer that you will also receive such a bounty. I’m very special, and even strangers know it. I’m guessing, however, that—my obvious specialness notwithstanding—you, too, will receive a wonderful array of items to warm your heart, to make you glad that people like label owner Bariann Tuite exist, to refill that tank of awe and wonder at life’s simple pleasures that sometimes gets a little depleted. At any rate, it’s worth the gamble. What’s the worst that could happen? You support a wonderful independent label, a great band, a good cause? Shouldn’t that be enough, you greedy little Toileteers? C’mon!

In the comments, I wanna hear about your favourite labels that have Bandcamp deals today, labels that always include extra stuff, labels that go the extra mile for their bands and their fans. But before we share, we simply must review this week’s absolutely staggering amount of Flushable Posts.

Sepulcrustacean went long-form on the Deathroned demo:

Review: Deathroned – Demo MMXXIII

Roldy Ga’Hoole gave us Part 1 of a scholarly look into the poets behind the new Lumsk:

Reflections of the Bards Sublime: Lumsk‘s Fremmede Toner (Part 1)

Toilet ov Hell’s newest Review Bot Jake remained with Eleine:

Review: Eleine – We Shall Remain

Creed and other stuff was discussed by a podcast I simply refuse to support:

Toilet Radio 447 – Creed Has Risen!

Runaway AI Jake found true closure with the new An Autumn for Crippled Children:

Review: An Autumn for Crippled Children – Closure

Round Two from Roldy‘s Reflections didn’t feature any Victorian maniacs, but it still impresses:

Reflections of the Bards Sublime: Lumsk‘s Fremmede Toner (Part 2)

Spear dropped by to premiere the song of the week from Aeoneosis. Seriously, what a ripper:

Premiere: Aeoneosis – “Time, The Eraser of All”

Then Spear shredded and shidded all the way to the NFT bank.

Review: The Shredderz – The Shredderz

Huge nerd Eenzie interviewed Turn Cold on Atlanta’s West End and got called a huge nerd for his efforts:

Interview: Turn Cold

Jesus fucking Christ, Jake reviewed the Raven, a band that has almost as many albums in fifty years as Jake has reviews in one week:

Review: Raven – All Hell’s Breaking Loose


Review: Evile – The Unknown

And finally, the dearest of owls Rolderathis finished up the third and final installment of his Bardic Reflections. What a long fellow!

Reflections of the Bards Sublime: Lumsk‘s Fremmede Toner (Part 3)

Holy buckets. Has the Toilet ever flushed such a load on any given Friday before? What an absolute masterclass in content.

You know the deal, beloveds. Share those G/B/U’s in the comments along with tales of wonderful labels, BCF deals, best goodies received with a music order, etc. Make sure to rest and be lazy whenever you can. As Paul Lafargue reminds us, “Jehovah, that bearded and rebarbative god, gave his worshippers the supreme example of ideal laziness: after six days of work, he rested for eternity.” Bless it!

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