Smash Hit Combo – In Game: A Video Breakdown


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Do you like video games? Smash Hit Combo does. You know how I can tell? I can tell because seemingly everything the band has done has been about or relating to or referring to video games. That’s cool, though. I like gimmicks and video games are a billion-dollar industry right now. There are people whose full-time jobs is to play video games on the internet. You might as well try to put out some video game-centric songs in hoping it find the right audience. I’m just not sure doing it with a rapcore band is the way to go.


0:10: Welcome to Dollar Shave Club.
0:17: Damn. I wanted the Canadian version.
0:22: Sometimes you can still smell your lunch on your fingers long after you finished eating.
0:27: For legal reasons, this character will have to be referred to as Trapezoid Head.
0:33: Heeeeeeellllllllllllloooooooooooo, Nurse!
0:42: Take that, stupid sand!
0:48: We’ve descended into jump-cut Hell.
0:55: This video wasn’t edited so much as someone just stabbed their computer repeatedly with dull scissors.
1:02: So this is what it’s like to have Mountain Dew: Pitch Black inject directly into your veins.
1:09: I’m going to check GameFAQs to see if this video has any “Infinite Earmuffs” codes.
1:16: The secret to beating Psycho Mantis in this video is to turn it off and never watching again.
1:24: I’m kind of glad I don’t get all the references.
1:33: I don’t play a lot of video games, but I retain lots of useless knowledge.
1:39: Thankfully, this means there’s still some room in my brain.
1:48: This is still better than the Silent Hill 2 movie.
1:57: I’ve heard that guy has balls of steel.
2:03: I know it’s not, but I’d like to pretend that Ash and Misty from Pokemon all grown up and ready to fight.
2:09: We don’t know what to do with our fingers!
2:15: I know this is in English, but I don’t understand a word.
2:20: He’s the French version of Frankie Palmeri.
2:28: Although, this guy can speak at least 2 languages, so he’s already got +1 one on Frankie.
2:34: Do you accept Psycho Mantis as your lord and savior?
2:41: Apologies to anyone that has epilepsy.
2:49: Is rapcore the right genre for this and not like rapdjent or rapdjentcore or steamingpilecore?
2:53: Are they pizza-flavored Smash Hit Combos or Cheddar Pretzel Smash Hit Combos?
3:00: Cosplay: The Band.
3:02: Someone let me know what character that is in the comments. I genuinely don’t know.
3:11: I assume most of these people are professional cosplayers because these are serious costumes.
3:18: Unless there’s just a company that specializes in renting out quality video game character costumes.
3:25: “Soooo, uh…you want to get some drinks after this oooorrrrrr…..?”
3:32: I didn’t know people still wear their hats all cocked to the side like that.
3:38: That’s some 2007 shit right there.
3:47: I’d love to hear Jim Sterling talk over this.
3:55: Lots of “Riiiight” and “Fucking what?” and “Chungus”.
Smash Hit Combo’s single is out now via Dark Tunes Music Group.

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