Bobaflex – Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away): A Video Breakdown


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Like many of you, I like to check my local venues’ websites to see who is coming to town. To my surprise, Orgy is hitting the road this winter. Their cover of New Order‘s “Blue Monday” may be the only thing that comes to mind when thinking of the band (besides all the pretty makeup). After putting out one decent song, the band went weird/cruddy EDM, and that’s about it. This post isn’t about Orgy, though. It’s about the band they’re playing with; Bobaflex.

Bobaflex came in at the very tail end of nu-metal’s popularity. While never breaking out of the fourth-tier level of nu-metal, the band has managed to land on labels such as Eclipse, TVT, and Megaforce. And yes, their name was inspired by Boba Fett. Remember them when you’re sitting through The Force Awakens (or remember that the last 3 Star Wars movies totally sucked. Either one works).

I will give credit where credit it due, though. Despite never having massive success, Bobaflex is still around, putting out albums and touring. It’s an important reminder that there’s always an audience for um whatever it is that Bobaflex does. Hmmm. I guess we should actually find out what they sound like. Here’s their latest video for the song “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)”. Wait, really? That’s the name of their song? Crap in a Cubs cap.

0:04: Cool World Photography you say?
0:07: Looks like Bobaflex is baking some muffins.
0:10: Please say hi to Nikki Sixx‘s younger brother Clovis.
0:13: Black Merol Face, Medieval Merol Face, meet you new BFF, “Butt-Rock Face”
0:17: I feel like there’s a subliminal message in this video, but I can’t quite figure it out.
0:20: Is that a squid puppet on his drum kit? An Admiral Ackbar toy?
0:24: And why does he look like an independent wrestler from 1998?
0:29: Seriously, his name should be like “Damien Devil” or “Luke C. Fir”.
0:33: Captain America hangs his head in shame after seeing that tattoo.
0:36: He’s going to be in for a shock when he realizes that Drugs aren’t receiving his texts.
0:41: That’s the face of a man who has definitely taken pictures of his own butt.
0:49: If D.A.R.E really wants to make an impact, just show this video to every sixth grader in the country.
0:51: Yes, people often dangle baggies of drugs out in public.
0:56: Bobaflex should’ve sprung for a Coked-Up Werewolf cameo.
1:01: Or Coked-Up Mark McGrath.
1:05: That was a cute little coke-rate chop.
1:11: That was awesome. I think I’ve turned a corner with this video.
1:18: His sugar addiction is real bad. He’s going to be shooting up Frosted Flakes soon.
1:24: Hey, it’s dollar store Blackie Lawless everyone.
1:29: “Come on, Marge! Maybe I’m not getting enough…estrogen.”
1:37: He certainly has the facial hair of someone in a nu-metal band from the early 2000’s.
1:42: Almost a literal whiskey dick.
1:50: You can practically see the Taco Bell cheese in his facial hair.
1:55: It’s okay. The gun is made out of drugs too.
2:07: “Whatchu, lookin’ at, bro?”
2:09: Here comes the power ballad…
2:14: He’s going to make out with the mirror, isn’t he?
2:19: See, kids? That’s why you don’t brush your teeth so hard.
2:24: “Why have you betrayed me, mirror brother? Why?!”
2:28: We’ve hit peak Busey.
2:32: Who wants chowder?
2:40: And here’s a little something for the ladies…who need to swear off men forever.
2:43: Remember when “Tebowing” was a thing for like 2 minutes?
2:55: Yeah, that’ll help.
3:01: Everyone was either the Joker or Harley Quinn this year for Halloween. We get it.
3:07: Ugh, he’s going to recite the “How I got this smile” lines.
3:10: Amazing.
3:18: He’s 1 weiner-tuck away from Goodbye Horses playing.
3:23: Please, Mama. Please take his drugs away.
3:28: Proud graduate of the Elaine Benes School Of Dancing.
3:42: My god…it was drugs the whole time!
3:45: But you guys made drugs look so cool. I’m conflicted now!

Bobaflex’s album Anything That Moves is out now.

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