Beekeeper – Vargas: A Video Breakdown



Beekeeper are a San Diego, California thrash band with a penchant for laughs. I suppose when you name your band Beekeeper, you can’t be too full of yourselves. Then again, most black metal musicians call themselves things like Goatpenis Hammerskull and they’re super serious. Sadly, Beekeeper do not dress up like actual beekeepers. I suppose it would get really hot on stage. Hopefully they blow pollen on to the crowd during live sets. Anyway, here’s their new music video. Let’s break it down!



Greta Thunberg pops up from the back seat and wraps piano wire around his neck, Goodfellas-style.


You’ll be hearing from my lawyers at Abigail, Melissa, and Associate!


Curse Of The Macchiatos


Endless Breadsticks at Olive Garden have finally ended.


I love it when the restaurant makes guac right at your table.


Objects in the mirror are more vengeful than they appear.


I command you, in the name of Lucifer, to make sick gains!


Chocolate milk was a bad idea.


When the buffalo chicken tendies finally hit.


Beekeeper’s album Slaves To Nothing was released in 2017 and is available via Bandcamp.

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