Riff Of The Week: 999 Edition


Nein, nein, nein, the num? er of the ?east.

Last week we suited up like penguins for our fancy-ass Piano Edition. And following on from our septuple set of ties on our Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Last 10 Years earlier this week, we had a tie for first spot between Cryptopsy and Gorguts. So in a situation like that, I usually award victory to third place. But Tiamat and Spawn Of Possession were also tied. Moving down again, the next two entries were also tied. Then the two after that. Then I gave up. Nobody wins.

This week we went for a numerical theme for the first time in a while. You were tasked with choosing a riff from the Ninth Song of an album. Here’s what you sent in –

Venom – “Countess Bathory” (Riff @ 0:35)

This is a simple but effective riff from the fathers of extreme metal.
Just try sitting through the chorus without yelling, “Counteeess Bathoryyy!”

3 Inches Of Blood – ‘Axes Of Evil’ (Riff @ 1:10)

It’s hard to pick just one riff in this mighty track from Canada’s best no-longer-together-band. The whole damn track is frenetic insanity, but I guess 1:10 is when it really starts to kick you in the face. Metal.

Enemy Of The Sun
Slayer – “Postmortem” (Riff @ 2:11)

There are many ways one can die…
Many ways one can achieve… Death!

Graceless – ‘As the Last Light Fades’ (Riff @ 0:00)

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Graceless last week. This track, ‘When the Last Light Fades’, just makes the cut. Slipping in with riffs, as the ninth AND FINAL [GASP] track of their debutt album, ‘Shadowlands’.

Andrey Tkachenko
Virgin Black – ‘I Sleep With The Emperor’ (Riff @ 0:48)

I was stunned when I saw how many great #9 tracks were there in my collection. However, in the last week’s ROTW comments I’ve mentioned Virgin Black and here is my chance to submit their song. I Sleep With The Emperor is probably their shortest and and the same time most aggressive song, and the riff that starts 48 seconds into the song is one of their most driving, straightforward and powerful.

Cut Up – ‘Stab and Stab Again’ (Ugh! + Riff @ 1:20)

Happiness about Vomitory being active again was followed by a facepalm because I completely forgot about the follow-up (well, now more like interim, I guess) project Cut Up. This song is full of exactly the kind of shredding and grinding that I love these guys for.

Rivers of Nihil – ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ (Riff @1:12)

This riff opens up with that sweet bendy part and then those chuggs at the nice stomping pace that just makes me want to groove. And if the riff doesn’t suit your fancy, at least the video should provide entertainment.

Sacramentum – ‘Weave Of Illusion’ (Riff @ 0:54)

Track 9 from Sacramentum’s 1999 finale epitomises what an amazing band they were. Their debut was a classic melodic black metal masterpiece many regard as a superior record to anything Dissection put out, their second album imported the aggression of thrash to their sound and absolutely knocked it out of the park, then Thy Black Destiny came along and showed they could push the combination even further into almost blackened death territory. And while it is my least listened to of their three records, it deserves more love. The Bolt Thrower-esque riff which serves as the song’s pre-chorus-of-sorts that first comes in around 0:54 is an example of how talented this band truly was.

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