Unborn Suffer – Open Defiance: A Video Breakdown


Grindy-windy deathy-weathy metal with a subtle message.

I’ll admit it: Death metal and grind don’t get the Video Breakdown treatment too often. It’s not my intention to ignore any particular genre, it’s just that (a) there’s really not a lot of new grind videos put out on a consistent basis and (b) the ones that do come out are often just live video, lyrics videos, or simply still shots of the album artwork. The other major factor is that there are other genres that consistently put out music videos worthy of a breakdown.

Unborn Suffer are a death metal/grind band from Poland on Selfmadegod Records. While they may fit into a more particular subgenre that 97% of the music world never uses like “Death Slop” or “Old-School Slag Grind” or “Neo-Proto Corpse Corps”, we’ll just go with the hybrid death-grind. This angry trio have graced us with a new video for the song “Open Defiance”. Let’s see if it makes your pierogies boil.

0:01: Waste Management-approved snare.
0:03: 50 Shades of Grind.
0:05: Who is ready for a game of “Guess What’s In Your Mouth”?!
0:09: “Hmmm, I’m either touching a wall or Rosie O’Donnell’s chin.”
0:12: “Oh, wall. Why don’t we ever talk like we used to?”
0:15: Apparently the band Ed Gein decided to interrupt this video.
0:19: Her eyebrow/eyelash game is seriously on-point [I believe the kids today are saying, “On fleek.” – W.].
0:22: No hair.
0:28: Bad snare.
0:33: Don’t care.
0:35: Probably should have used Nair.
0:39: Still, it’s better than going to a Supercuts.
0:43: “No one understands me but you, filth-encrusted wall!”
0:46: Pixie Stix claim another victim.
0:52: And the secret of chocolate milk at Bob Evans is revealed.
0:55: This video is actually having us watch paint dry. Well played.
1:00: “Oh, the walls are melting again!”
1:06: I keep waiting for the house to yell “Get…out!”
1:10: All these flashing crosses and religious pictures. I wonder what they’re trying to say.
1:13: Now is a good time to post their album art.
1:15: Ahhh. A video that’s less than two minutes long. If only prog & power metal bands could do the same.

Unborn Suffer’s new album Nihilist is available this month from Selfmadegod Records.

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