Song/Video Premiere: 3rd War Collapse – “Catastrophic Epicenter”


I have to refrain from saying “I can’t even” when a new song of such egregious quality is heard… alas this premiere is so good I must declare that I can’t even. “Even do what?” you might be asking in the Disqus comments section; and my answer would be “yes”.

3rd War Collapse is new to me, but I wish I had known them sooner, because this music simply rocks. I would dare say it’s “love at first listen.” There are so many damn elements of the song I could praise, and it’s mostly from the first 30 seconds—after which I was completely sold—including the following elements: guitar tone, drum tone, mixing/mastering, speed, intensity, and best of all: RIFFS. But who exactly is 3rd War Collapse?

If anyone were to tell you that the two best countries producing metal are Brazil and Finland, you might say “yes, I already know that.” Okay good, we’ve got that out of the way. What if somebody told you that a metal band exists, which consists of members from both Brazil and Finland? Well, 3rd War Collapse features drummer Kalle Lindfors (Finland) alongside guitar-er Cristiano Martinez and bassist Juan Azevedo (both of São Paulo, Brazil), in an unholy matrimony of face-melting excellence.

Okay, I’ve spoken enough that I would acceptably be accused of over-hyping. Therefore it’s time to hear it for yourself, with today’s premiere of “Catastrophic Epicenter”:

Feel free to call me a “n00b” because up until this moment I was unaware of the existence of Lethal Scissor Records. Consider me “away” on Microsoft Teams, because I will be spending the next few days researching this label and especially this band, whom I absolutely adore. When asked about the theme behind the song, the band answered with the following:

“Catastrophic Epicenter” is the prognosis of the hecatomb that has been ruining the very existence of the human being who focuses all his efforts on taking control even if thousands are annihilated in favour of the mass manipulation.

Okay now I’m going to curl up in the fetal position whilst grasping tightly my two cats, as long as somebody can wake me up when the full length releases 😉  But in a more serious tone, I loved every second of this song, and hope you do too! Please sign off in the comments section.

Follow this incredible band on Facebook, check out Lethal Scissor Records on BandCamp.

And lastly, I want to include what FFO’s the band’s label chose to include:

Musical Influences:
Bands like Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Phobia, Slayer, Misery Index, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, Suffocation.
Death Metal, Grind Core and also Thrash Metal in general.

…I support these inclusions.

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