This Toilet Tuwednesday (7/5/23)


As ye hover above thy bowl,
An ancient quandary besets thy hole.
Dost thou wipe whilst sitting down,
Or dost thou stand to cleanse the brown?

This week, we’ve got breakbeat black metal, the world’s first instance of melodic goregrind, and a truly baffling ode to tennis, served through a dissonant mélange of blackened death. It’s quite a wild one, my dumplings. Time for stinky scuba.

Widow’s Peak – Claustrophobe (Independent) [Tech Death]

Widow’s Peak play tech death in the style of the early aughts—a twitchy, boundless energy fuses hardcore aggression together in a revolving door of riffing styles. From Beneath the Massacre noodling to Arsisian melotech, it’s a love letter to the MySpace autoplayers of the pre-Lolbuttzian era (replete with LoL rAnDom instru-breaks that I really appreciate). Fold in the M’arston production and you’ve got something both claustrophobic and inviting to explore. -Roldy

All for Metal – Legends (AFM Records) [Symphonic Power / Heavy Metal]

Anti-Sapien – Calculating Obsolescence (Terminus Hate City Records) [Death / Crust]

Arav Krishnan – The Fallen System (Sliptrick Records) [Death / Groove]

Astral Tomb – Total Spiritual Death (Independent) [Death / Ambient]

Blackbraid – Blackbraid II (Independent) [Melodic Black]

Bloodbound – Tales from the North (AFM Records) [Symphonic Power]

Boneyard – Ghoulish Tunes (Base Record Production) [Deathgrind]

Burgûli –  Odi des de la fi del món (WormHoleDeath) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Lolbuttz]

Candlelight/Cydron/Dragondeez – Scorch​/​Black​/​Earth (Independent) [Black / Ambient]

Celéne –  Forlorn Paradise (Sleaszy Rider Records) [Melodic Black / Gothic]

Ch’ahom –  Ts’ono’ot (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) [Blackened Death]

Chepang –  Swatta (Independent) [Grind]

Dark Tennis –  Wimbledoom (Independent) [Blackened Grind]

Demolizer –  Post Necrotic Human (Target Group) [Deathrash]

Diabol –  Bestial Horrors (Independent) [Blackthrash]

Eigenstate Zero – Machinery of Night (Independent) [Prog Death]

Ene – Lang Kald Natt (Hellstain Productions) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Eternity – Mundicide (Soulseller Records) [Black]

Eudaemon – Inhuman Flourishing (Independent) [Post-Black]

Executioner – Kingdom of Nocturnal Offerings (Askio Productions) [Blackthrash]

Fen – Monuments to Absence (Prophecy Productions) [Melodic Black]

Festering Process – Folkgore (Independent) [Death]

Froglord – Sons of Froglord (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Gateway – Galgendood (Transcending Obscurity Records) [Death/Doom]

God Is Dead – Dance Macabre (Independent) [Death]

Gutslit – Carnal (Transcending Obscurity Records) [Death]

Human Decomposition – Through the Omnipotent Implosions (Amputated Vein Records) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Iatrogenia – Compulsive Pathological Carnifexia (Amputated Vein Records) [Brutal Death]

Ikitie – Autiomaa (Independent) [Doom / Heavy Metal]

Iron Firmament – Keepeater (Pseudocorp) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Dungeon Synth]

Iunehkal – Birth is a Curse (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black / Breaks]

Lipoma – Odes to Suffering (Grand Vomit Productions) [Melodeath / Goregrind]

Lobmur – Verdugo del tiempo (Independent) [Heavy Metal / Thrash]

Lycanthrophy – On the Verge of Apocalypse (HPGD Productions) [Grind]

Majestic Ritual – Demo II (Vvurm Vvorlage) [Melodic Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Malicious – Merciless Storm (Invictus Productions) [Blackened Death]

Mimesis – Unbehagen (Independent) [Blackthrash]

Misantropia – Portals to the Eternal Rest (Independent) [Blackened Death]

Mortician (Aus) – 40 Years of Metal (Pure Steel Records) [Heavy Metal]

Mortis Mutilati – Echoes From The Coffin (Asgard Hass Productions) [Melodic Black]

Nasty Surgeons – Anatomy Lessons (Base Record Production) [Death]

Nita Strauss – The Call of the Void (Sumerian Records) [Heavy Metal]

Ophidian Memory – Our Shattered Garden (Independent) [Death]

Ornamentos del Miedo – El cosmos me observa en silencio (The Way of the Hermit) [Funeral Doom]

Ramihrdus – Under the Shroud of Night (Independent) [Dungeon Synth]

Rat Torture – Blood Fetish (Independent) [Deathgrind]

Rêvasseur – Talisman (House of Ygra) [Melodeath]

Sélidor – Ecos del abismo (Independent) [Heavy Metal / Power]

Serpent  Corpse – Blood Sabbath (Temple of Mystery Records) [Death]

Servant – Aetas Ascensus (MDD Records) [Blackened Death]

Snuffed on Sight – Smoke (Independent) [Hardcore / Slam]

Spectre – All Hallows’ Eve (Sounds of Strigoi Records) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Sterbenswille – Dunkelheit (TeufelsZeug Records) [Melodic Black]

Stunner – Motor Worship (Independent) [Heavy Metal / Speed]

The Cross – Requiescit in Pace Frater Noster (Pitch Black Records) [Death/Doom]

The Nihilistic Front – A Cavernous Descent into Filth (Independent) [Death/Doom]

The Raven Age – Blood Omen (Sony Music) [Heavy Metal / Power]

The Scars In Pneuma – Woebegone, Raised By Wolves (Deadwoods Productions) [Atmoblack]

Thelemite – Survival of the Fittest (Sleaszy Rider Records) [NWoBHM]

Tindra Stjärnöga – Grav​ö​ppningen (Nurtharikja) [Dungeon Synth / Ambient]

Titan Arum – The Huntress (Independent) [Melodeath / Power]

Tortured – Genetically Engineered Monstrosity (Comatose Music) [Brutal Death / Slam]

Truth Decayed – Faded Visions II (Independent) [Melodeath]

Uamh – At The Edge of the Loch (Fiadh Productions) [Atmoblack]

Under Victoria – Beyond the Shadow Veil (Independent) [Atmoblack]

Voidmïlker – Labyrinthical (Independent) [Black]

Vulsekt – Etherfire (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Wicked Sorcerer – Infernal Bloodcult Witchery (Bloodpath Records) [Death / Heavy Metal]

Winterage – Nekyia (Scarlet Records) [Symphonic Power]

Wizard Master – Ablanathanalba (Electric Valley Records) [Stoner Doom]

Ylmgard – Ambulabit in Tenebris (Journey to the End) [Black Metal]

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