Riff-Raff Podcast Ep. 9: New Year, New Jamz


We’re changing our name every month now, because we can.

Kit (horrific Texan) and I (dumb-Aussie) are back with our bullshit. Today we’re talking ‘Metal Twitter’ & Nails, xmas gifts, the Libertarian Rock Spider Radio Network, the Alien series, Pissgrave covers in 4k, Greco-Roman rasslin’, Flemish-ass Raiden, and Jean Claude van Damme’s classic Yankee accent.

New Music Featured This Week:

Gutless ‘Boiled Alive’ from Mass Extinction (out now)

Contrarian – ‘Exorcism’ from Their Worm Never Dies (out 15/3/19 thru Willowtip)

Pissgrave – ‘Euthanasia’ from Posthumous Humiliation (out 1/3/19 thru Profound Lore)

Cerebrum – ‘Escape To Bliss’ from Iridium (out now thru Transcending Obscurity)

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