Riff-Raff Podcast: Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Decade Special Edition (Part 2)


Today we make our way to the #1 of the albums which made the Toilet ov Hell’s Top 10 death metal records of the past 10 years (2008-2018). We also mispronounce every word in both the English and French languages (even a made up one), pour one out for the Predator, Mastodon movie scores, Obscura vs From Wisdom To Hate, Criterion Collection corruption, Nic Cage’s NSBM son, Napster/Limewire/Kazaa/Soulseek era, Danny Trejo’s half-mullet, and Gregorian chanting for some reason.

If you missed Part One head on back HERE to catch up, or if you just want new shit here’s last week’s White Claw ep.

Music Featured On This Episode:
Blood Incantation – ‘Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood Pt.2)’ from Starspawn [2016Dark Descent]
Chthe’ilist – ‘The Voices From Beneath The Well’ from Le Denier Crépuscule [2016Profound Lore]
Suffering Hour – ‘The Abrasive Black Dust’ from In Passing Ascension [2017Blood Harvest]
The Chasm – ‘Entering A Superior Dimension’ from Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm [2009Lux Inframundis]
Dead Congregation – ‘Graves Of The Archangels’ from Graves Of The Archangels [2008 – Independent]
Gorguts – ‘Le Toit Du Monde’ from Colored Sands [2013Season Of Mist]

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