Sound Off: You have a hugely popular band. What’s your entrance music?


Take the stage to the strains of your favorite movie soundtrack! *power metallers immediately look up title theme from Krull*

Everyone likes to make an entrance. Trouble is, if it’s just you showing up to a party, your herald is little more than a door knock, a crappy doorbell or maybe another guest seeing your unimpressive ride pull up and park poorly on the street, shaking your head in dismay at its state of disrepair as you pull some warm beer out of your trunk and fumble with your keys in your filthy pants.

If you’re a successful touring band, you have a bit more on your side to make your entrance impressive: lights, good sound, an enthusiastic announcement from a roadie or opening band, etc. The downside is the crowd probably won’t give a shit when you just stroll out onto the stage like some loser who can’t even park his car at a party, much less build up some serious excitement for a performance. That, and the fact that your filthy pants can can be seen from the back row. Seriously, wash your goddamned pants you hobo.


Easy way to pump up the crowd: play some entrance music. Your choice can either set the conceptual stage for your music (i.e., sci-fi, dragonfucking, satan, etc.), generate some humor or nostalgia, or just basically fuck with the crowd, like Type O Negative‘s repeating of “The Chicken Dance” or “What’s Up Pussycat” for agonizing minutes on end.

Metallica have been entering to “The Ecstasy of Gold” from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for pretty much forever…

Fear Factory have recently been utilizing Toto‘s main theme from Dune…

…and Strapping Young Lad came out to “Blame Canada” from South Park: BL&U during the touring cycle for their self-titled album…

What entrance music would YOU use?

What would you take the stage to night after night on tour? A theme from a movie or TV show? A classical piece? A snippet of dialogue? Tell us what you’d choose and why in the comments below. For the record, here’s mine.

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