Riff ov the Week: 10-31-15


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Greetings and happy Halloween. May you all please the dark lord on this very special evil night. Before that happens, however, we must do as we do every Saturday, and riff together.

Last week ended in a stalemate between the Grindprophet Tyree and Boss (the Ross). Fight to the death to determine the victor. Do not worry — the last man standing wins the contest, but the loser finally finds peace in nothingness.

Before we start:

  • Remember to send your riffs for next week to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a themed ROTW, make it known.




Vinterskuuuuggeeeeeeee… på vår joooooooooooooord!


Old Man Doom

There so many prime, grade-A riffs on the new Gorod album, but here’s the one that really sold me. 0:52.


Brock Samson

This one makes my nipples both moist and hard at the same time. Start at 0:25.



A week before Halloween, so I’ll do something spoopy: I’m going to be a grindxguy for this week. It wont make it on my top 10 but its a brilliant album. It shows all you need is like 3 notes and a couple harmonics… and, there you go, you got a riff. Suck it, posers. Riff starts ~1:36.



Satyrasis …Of The Dead (tentatively Best Use Of An Ellipsis©: 2015) was released way back in January, but it’s an album I’ve kept coming back to, mainly for the sweet riffs on offer. Opener “A Foot In Each Grave” is no exception and the cacophony @5:45 sets the tone for the rest of the album…



Pretty much, the whole song is one long series of riffs, and he brings them by the truckload. Definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, and this guy just keeps getting better and better. As if it could get much better than Disperse. Best part at 6:30.



If you’re going to flush yourself out of an airlock and into the loving arms of space after the rest of your crew has been mauled by some alien force (who wouldn’t?), you might as well do it while blasting this: 0:07.



This here riff is “Intro” from Acid King‘s Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (2015). You could also go with “Outro” as it’s the same riff. No need for a time stamp because, except for a brief change, the riff is the song and the song is the riff. Blues Ov DOOM.


Boss the Ross

Iskra released Ruins this year and it is jam packed with killer riffs. My pick comes in from the song Nihill. The song starts with quick drum fill then kicks you in the teeth with well executed guitar and drum interplay. The song continues with some heavy riffage then the drums cut out at 18:30 for a single note tremolo guitar. Wait for it… at 18:48 the guitar drops, the drums kick in and for the next minute and ten seconds you loose yourself in a sick onslaught of tremolo, overtones and excellent guitar fills and variations. Heavy shit.


Ted Nü-Djent

When that riff kicks in at 2:24 until the end of the track. All cock and balls and stoner swagger.



In my opinion, the guys in Vehemence have always crafted death-metal songs that contain just the right amount of heaviness, musicianship, melody, and harmony. That’s why I was so jazzed when the band released its first new album in more than a decade. This whole album kills, and nearly every song has at least one Riff ov the Week–worthy riff. This song stuck out immediately the first time I listened to the album, and I’ve been blasting it nearly nonstop since. This entire song is nothing but kick-ass riffs; however, I’m highlighting the riff at about 6:43—especially when the blast beats kick in at about 7:05. Seriously, though: Just listen to the entire song.



After my stunning victory in last week’s RovtW (just cuz some former president dude picked the same song first means NOTHING!) it’s time to make it two in a row with some glorious barbarian metal courtesy of Tulsadoom! From their 2015 sophomore effort Storms of the Netherworld, “Shadows of Lemuria” starts off with a nice smooth, contemplative intro, then rolls into a killer chugging riff around 1:10 that you CAN’T NOT air guitar to. Fuck yes.


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