Marilyn Manson – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge: A Video Breakdown


We’re all stars now in the binge show.

It may be hard to remember, but there was a time when Marilyn Manson was considered shocking and offensive. Maybe it was post-Columbine hysteria or pre-you-can-see-everything-on-the-internet, but there were large groups of people legitimately freaked out by the skinny guy in makeup and occasionally fake boobs. Like everything though, shock and fame fades. No one can stay on top forever, and when you throw in problems with drugs, divorce, and changes in style you get the Marilyn Manson of 2015. Some people like it. Some people lolbuttz it. Manson has always been visually interesting, so maybe a new video for the song “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge” can help you decide.



0:03: What’s your name?
0:05: Who’s your daddy?
0:07: Is he rich like me?
0:11: Sounding like AND looking like The Zombies. That’s dedication.
0:16: That scarf was actually keeping his turkey neck in place.
0:23: At least someone is giving him a round of applause.
0:27: I think his guacamole face mask has gone sour.
0:33: I hope he gave himself clapping credit in the liner notes.
0:39: I never noticed how big Manson’s ears are. He can hear thoughts with those things.
0:43: If you cross your eyes and look at his tattoo, it looks like a lovely windmill.
0:49: Rings provided by Ring Pops.
0:53: It appears gangrene has set in.
0:57: No, not this Gang Green.
1:00: That answers the question if Marilyn Manson can count to three.
1:02: Eh, maybe not.
1:10: No, Mary. That’s your throat, not your lips. Close, but not quite.
1:14: Does he really have to make the “O” face while clapping?
1:20: He’s not dancing, he just has the meth shakes.
1:27: “Ugh! Acid reflux is the worst!”
1:30: Manson is the first person to get nose diabetes from too much booger sugar.
1:38: I think that was a burp.
1:41: Thanks for showing us your crooked middle finger, Mary!
1:45: Oof, that’s only the face only a mother on drugs could love.
1:51: Frostbite is no laughing matter.
2:00: Gah!
2:07: Al Jolson just screamed “Mammy!” from his grave.
2:12: Soooo no one else is in this band?
2:15: Squid ink claims another life.
2:21: Hugh Heffner really let himself go.
2:30: Even the camera is getting bored with this video.
2:34: Missed opportunity not wearing heart-shaped glasses.
2:42: Marilyn Manson will now be played by a melted wax figure from Madame Tussauds.
2:50: “See, Mommy? I brushed!”
3:00: Those thumbnails can be used for only one thing, and it’s not for scratching.
3:09: A riveting long shot of Marilyn Manson’s back.
3:15: Looks like he’s burning up on re-entry.
3:21: “Ugh, Marilyn? Camera’s over here, buddy! Just turn your head a bit!”
3:26: I wonder how many cherry Tootsie pops he had to eat to get that lip color.
3:31: What’s the deal with the long white eyelashes?
3:37: I’m going to guess drugs.
3:42: Little known fact: Everything in this video is made of drugs.
3:48: The clothes are drugs.
3:53: His hair is drugs.
3:59: His stupid rings are drugs.
4:06: Even the camera and film are drugs.
4:13: Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge starring Nicolas Cage as Marilyn Manson.
4:20: Let it go….
4:25: Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag indeed.

Was that the Marilyn Manson you remember? Did that invoke the public’s desire to protest his shows and say he’s the anti-christ? Probably not.

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