Spasm – Live Performance: A Video Breakdown


Now I know why they call it “Obscene Extreme”.

I have seen advertisements and stories about the Czech Republic’s Obscene Extreme festival in the past, but never really paid attention. I think it was probably due to a combination of the festival being far away and a not knowing roughly 80% of every year’s the lineup. Every year the fest trots out well-known “extreme” metal bands like Napalm Death, Obituary, and Pig Destroyer along with a whole bunch of bands I would venture to say a majority of the metal world has not heard of. For every Broken Hope and Full Of Hell, you’ve got bands like Analkholic, Enema Shower, and Bloody Diarrhoea. Hmmm, I’m begging to sense a theme.

For whatever reason, I fell down a Youtube hole this week and watched a whole bunch of performances from Obscene Extreme. It was quite the experience let me tell you. It’s quite something to watch a 3-piece noise band in weird costumes gurgling at 15 crusty metalheads. One thing that struck me is that despite, or possibly because of, the nature of the music, a lot of sets seem like one big party. I mean literally, fans are in costumes, the bands are dressed up, there’s all sorts of toys and props being thrown around. It’s kind of amazing that people are having this much fun while a bunch of weirdos belch out songs about horrible, disgusting things.

One set that stood out in particular was from Czech goregrind band Spasm’s performance in 2016. Being a goregrind band, their lyrics are quite gruesome and offensive, so consider this your fair warning. Normally, I wouldn’t even bother bringing up a band like this, but I wanted to bring you the delightful insanity of this set. People are having an absolute party that would make Andrew WK jealous.

Fair warning, this video is NFSW as there is some dong and copious amounts of bare ass going on. Since this is a rather long video, this won’t be a normal Video Breakdown. Instead, I’ll just point out a few funny bits as a sort of preview before letting you experience this yourself. In this video you will see:


Spasm’s vocalist wearing a Borat-style bathing suit.

Someone in the crowd wearing the same exact bathing suit.

Spasn’s vocalist wearing an Eyes Wide Shut-style mask, but the nose is a giant dick.

Pool toys

A woman in the crowd dressed like Alice from Alice In Wonderland.

A man in the crowd dressed like Goku

Some of the politest security guards ever, gently nudging people to eventually get off the stage.


Spasm’s vocalist performing a song while holding a toilet brush.

The goddamn Batman.





This year’s Obscene Extreme Festival takes place on July 18-22 in Trutnov, Czech Republic. Bands include Suffocation, Asphyx, Rotten Sound, Birdflesh, Gruesome, Wormrot, and General Surgery. More info can be found here.

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