Listen to Dewar PR’s April Compilation feat. Castle Freak, Heavy Temple, Ghost Horizon, and More!


We’re celebrating the 4th anniversary of Dewar PR by streaming the Dewar PR April Compilation! Get in here to listen to a whole bunch of new bands and one of the most beautiful Type O Negative covers you’ve ever heard, courtesy of Heavy Temple.

Previously, we premiered Dewar PR’s January compilation waaaaay back in, uh, January. Prior to that, we premiered Dewar’s November 2015 compilation and highlighted the August 2015 compilation. Suffice to say, we go way back. Dewar is always a joy to work with and I’m stoked to stream the latest comp. May Curtis & co. enjoy many more anniversaries.

This PR firm represents a pretty diverse lineup of artists, so allow me to share my highlights for this comp:

Castle Freak – “Human Hive”
I’m slightly biased here, but Castle Freak bring the siqq gory death metal.
Heavy Temple – “Love You to Death”
This mostly acoustic piano-based tune is one of the best Type O Negative covers you’re likely to hear anytime soon.
Killer Refrigerator – “Autoerotic Refrigeration”
This track is wild musical fun, even if the lyrics are about a guy banging his fridge.
Ghost Horizon – “Pale Apparition”
A slick melodic black metal track that hits every sweet spot in my idiot brain.
The Beast of Nod – “Hyperanal Hemorrhaging”
Death metal that gets right to the riffs.


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