Toilet Radio 375 – We Found Love in a Hopeless Place


This week on Toilet Radio: We invented straight edge beer. Also, Five Finger Death Punch (I know, I know) is back with a new single that explores ground never before covered in music: what if a carnival was EviL???? We discuss children’s literature that knuckledragging bands can use to help write lyrics. We’re celebrating Tim Lambesis new marriage and commiserating that 3 members of As I Lay Dying have left the band citing a sudden sense of clarity lol. Breno tells us about being in the Bad Kid Hall of Fame and we see the latest revelations that the FBI has been funding Aosoth for 20 years via the failing Order of Nine Angles. Sad! Finally, we talk about a bunch of dorks getting arrested in a U-Haul truck and the Duke Nukem movie that will probably (hopefully) never happen.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Temptress Hot Rails

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