Flush it Friday: I’m A Nudibranchist!


I’m coming out of my shell and just admitting it—I love nudibranchs. These gastropod mollusks abandon their shells after they grow past the larval stage of their life cycles, instead using bright coloration (aposematism) and a host of chemical defenses to ward off predators. They breathe through exposed gills that resemble feathery plumes and goldurn it, just look at these mfs:




Aaron got in a Pissing Contest with Gom Jabbar and we ended up with this split review:

Review: Gom Jabbar/Pissing Contest – S/T Split

Say hi to our new contributor Chort the Crop Infestor! Their malign influence has blighted us with this Exmortus review:

Review: Exmortus – Necrophony

Jake was up Before the Dawn writing reviews (as is his wont):

Review: Before The Dawn – Stormbringers

The poor, unfortunate souls at Toilet Radio suffered through metalcore Disney covers for us:

Toilet Radio 448 – Metalcore Covers From Hell

Do u like nudibranchs? Do u like mollusks in general? Tell me more along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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