Premiere: Funeral Chasm – “The Truth That Never Was”


Funeral Chasm has graced us here with a premier track that is perfect for sleepless summer nights. “The Truth That Never Was” sucks the warmth right out of my room and replaces it with a placid, crisp stillness. There are, naturally, the distorted dirges and mammoth minor-key motifs that constrict you with pressure, but also engulfing soundscapes of reverb and glinting synth. Eons go by in contemplation. Surges of sneering black metal flash like torchlight on brimstone. Even if you’ve heard this sort of contrast before, you might still be impressed with the way they play off one another to create melodic ambiguity, with a keyboard miasma shrouding the hard minor chords in a fog of hopeful major key harmony.

It stokes rambling reflection with quizzical synth, before a tide of viscous doom sweeps away the peace. The soundtrack to your deep uncomfortable thoughts, coming face to face with doxastic anxieties as though they were oceanic behemoths cruising past. It speaks to the eerie feeling of pleading for understanding but being met with denial of the overwhelming truth, and both voices are yours. The only way to quell them both is to give in at last to the undertow of slumber, but you remain tragically convinced that epiphany lies just ahead, pondering until the sunrise and endlessly chasing the truth that never was.

Funeral Chasm will be releasing their debut full-length, “Omniversal Existence” on June 21st, 2021, on Aesthetic Death. Check it out (along with their EP and singles) on their Bandcamp. And like, take a nap. You look like shit, dude.

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