STREAM: Construct of Lethe – “The Grand Machination”


Check out this premier of off-kilter death metal from Construct of Lethe.

Coming strong off their debut LP Corpsegod released at the dawn of this year, Construct of Lethe are back with The Grand Machination EP. This record explores the literary territory Mark Twain explored in “Letters from the Earth”, the posthumously published collection of letters that explored Satan’s fall from grace.

“The Grand Machination” leads off with a slow, almost triumphant pace before lurching forward into angular riffs that immediately recall Formulas Fatal to the Flesh-era Morbid Angel. Driven by the pounding drum work of Kevin Talley, who you may recall as the skinsman for Dying Fetus, Misery Index and a billion other great bands, Construct of Lethe maintains an impeccable death metal pedigree. It’s a churning, yet razor-sharp track that’s sure to thrill death metal aficionados.

The Grand Machination is out October 7th. Pre-order it for just a few bucks over at Bandcamp. Follow Construct of Lethe on Facebook and tell ’em “Howdy”.

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