STREAM: Exhortation‘s Ashland Messiah


Get in here to stream the latest album from Texas prog-thrash phenoms, Exhortation.

Exhortation are the kind juicy heavy metal that makes grown men shake at the knees and women cry. There is something strangely charming about this band’s new record Ashland Messiah and their understanding of the modern metal polemic. While these Texans certainly flaunt the influence of bands like Warbringer and Havok they also bring something that is distinctly their own to the table making for some high powered fun. Sure they’re just starting out, but it’s still a blast to pick apart their shreddy solos and wonderfully chunky riffs. Exhortation understand why nerds like me love thrash metal and make sure to buy into that polemic whilst simultaneously showing us a proggier side that many of their peers have long ignored. These guys are clearly super talented and their use of good cop/bad cop vocals is tasteful, hinting at a strange new future for the art form.

The band had this to say:

“The album Ashland Messiah is about man’s inherent ability to destroy himself. It’s about demagogues, false prophets, and the plights that hinder the progression of mankind. In the album, the lyrics tackle issues such as climate change, religious extremism, and the futility of war. However, despite this very nihilistic tone, there lays a message that we can overcome the tribulations we as a species face and become something greater.”

Jam it now:

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