Tech Death Thursday: Human


First there was Unhuman. Then there was Inhuman. Now it’s time for regular old Human.

Behold: the news-

  • Fleshgod Apocalypse have debuted a new song, and it’s really heavy. Regardless of how you feel about the band, you can’t deny this song has a lot of weight to it. In fact, it might have the most force equal to its mass multiplied by its acceleration out of any song in their career. …It’s called “Gravity.” Check it out here.
  • If that one wasn’t fast enough for you, then check out a new song from Omnihility. “Psychotic Annihilation” is a good tune, but the drums are sounding a little flaccid. Hopefully, that’s just shitty Youtube compression. Look for their new album, Dominion of Misery, on February 26th.
  • Apparently Ovid’s Withering is still a thing and is now fronted by Twin Cities native Cael Foster. I have mixed feelings about this; on one hand, I really like the world that the band had crafted and look forward to the story’s continuation. On the other, Aaron Rodriguez (founding member and guitarist) has been accused of being a pedophile. It looks like most of the articles describing the incident have been pulled from other sites (MS, MI, ThePRP) so the allegations might have been false, but… I don’t know. In any case, album number two will be out sometime later this year on Unique Leader.
  • In other, less morally ambiguous news, Atlantis Chronicles have released the second song from their upcoming album Barton’s Odyssey. Check out “Within the Massive Stream” and look for the full album on March 25th.
  • This world needs more tech death supergroups as good as Alkaloid, and it looks like we’re getting one. Equipoise, featuring current and former members of Beyond CreationWormhole, Tethys, Dissonance In Design, Brought By Pain, and Vale of Pnutz, have graced us with an untitled pre-production track. We can expect a demo sometime soon, and hopefully a full album not too long after.

Today, I discovered that being an irresponsible piece of shit can yield surprising benefits. I very nearly forgot to bring you the tech this week- and I know you’d all be heartbroken without it (humor me, dammit)- and ended up scrambling to find a band to bring you. I ended up stumbling across Human, a new band out of Adria, Italy. My first thought when I hit play on Cerebral Inwardness was, “Yep, that’s tech death.” Despite my initial lukewarm reaction, it ended up sucking me in, and I’m glad I stuck with it.

Diversity is the name of the game here. There are moments where the band sounds like a modern prog/djent band (minus the gratuitous use of noise gates), and the next track could resemble a lost Christian Muenzner project. The middle of “Act of Creation” sounds a lot like Scale the Summit from an instrumental standpoint, whereas tracks like “Compromised Personalities” and “Bitterness” bring Necrophagist’s more progressive moments to mind. Hell, there’s even a little Anata influence splashed in on “Unknown.” It’s an album of very eclectic sounds, and that’s where it finds its strength.

All in all, Cerebral Inwardness is an excellent debut. Each member performs masterfully, the writing is smart, and the production is crisp and clear. There’s really not much more you can ask for from a tech death album. Human can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp; drop by and give them some good old fashioned Toilet lovin’. Until next time,

Stay Tech

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