Riff ov the Week: Solo Projects


Let’s get right to it.

Please excuse my brevity. I have not slept in over 48 hours and I just want to go to bed, dammit. This week we’re focusing on solo projects.

Last week, Ted Nü-Djent’s Opeth took the win for the violin/cello edition with 9 votes, and Stanley followed just behind with 8. Weirdly, I have no prize for you this week and hereby commission Link “The Toilet’s Treasure” Leonhart to make you one of his world famous MS Paint awards.

Next week:

  • I had a silly idea. I decided that I’ll only be accepting riffs from bands whose names end in “er”.
  • Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.



Here’s one from this year. Drowning the Light‘s “Below the Horizon He Stalks”. Starts at the beginning. Prepare to feel.



Since everyone and their creepy uncles who currently are on “vacation” will submit Cloudkicker, I might as well join in. Headbanging begins when the song starts.






I don’t love tech death as much as my fellow law-enforcer Jack Bauer, but the bands that do it right DO IT RIGHT. Example, Sophicide: he is as weedily-deedily as the next tech death artist, but he also writes actual songs. The best pick I have is from “Freedom of Mind” (0:00). It’s catchy, thrashy, and techy; without being too much Archspirey.



Mare Cognitum caught me by surprise last year. Something I might not have known about without the Toilet. A lot of people would’ve quoted “Noumenon” from the album but this riff from “Weaving the Thread of Transcendence” might be my fav off the album. Riff starts shortly after 5:28 (repeats other times within the song).


Ted Nü-Djent

Something a little different this week, no time stamp. Just a short song from a solo artist who didn’t see their mental illness as a barrier. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Blockbuster video, wow what a difference.



Gonna go ahead and eat this low hanging fruit…


Nordling Rites ov Karhu

Atmospheric black metal is not known for it’s tremendous riffage but Wyrd‘s Black/Folk/Doom delivers on each and every album. The task was difficult but the riff in “My Ghosts” might be the bands most infectious (and make no mistake, even though Wyrd has a full touring line-up, the album’ are and have always been one man’s work). The beginning is a good place to start, though I feel the riff is at it’s most powerful if you listen to the short solo/lead that begins at 3:52 first as it expands on the verges of the same motif – the riff re-begins at 4:30.



Mikko Aspa is a very busy man but he still finds time to serve up some simple, catchy and uncompromising meat and potatoes black metal. New Golgotha Rising is full of Celtic Frost, Bathory and Burzum influences which Mikko molds into his own unique gloomy black concoction. Riff starts at 0:50. Eugh!



Dan would have me drawn and quartered if he knew I was doing this . . . 3:15. Get your chugga-chugs on.



I was of the opinion that Labyrinthine‘s Ancient Obscurity album was a masterpiece before I became privy to the fact that it is all performed by one person. This is but one riff amidst a plethora of brilliance. Around 2:20 onwards.



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