Flush it Friday: For Metalheads Who Cannot Afford Therapy


Welcome back to Friday afternoon, the sweetest moment of each and every week. Let’s ride it out to Beer Thirty together.

It’s a well-known fact that politicians and other seedy bastards prefer to use Friday afternoon to release bad news. It’s a tactic that works to their advantage; most of the world is too focused on getting the fuck away from work for a brief reprieve from the grind to focus on the news. As a result, potentially damaging information slips through the cracks. In other words: nobody gives a shit about anything that happens Friday afternoon. This is the rationale I used to create the format of Flush It Friday; no one cares what we publish in this time slot, so we might as well get it all off our chests and feel better going into the weekend.

I’m glad it’s become a lasting tradition here. This feature has made regulars out of lurkers, and brought friendly listeners for some folks that may not have much of a support network otherwise. These seem like good things. A few months back, our favorite arm-less martian RichteR summed it all up succinctly:
Which brings me to
Bad: I haven’t been doing well for a while. Rather than getting into specifics, it’s come to a point where I realize I need help.
Good: So I’m doing something about it. I started therapy. It’s expensive, difficult, and painful but I’m going to stick with it for a while and try to improve.
Ugly: Bloggers talkin’ bout personal shit on the Internet.

The floor is yours. Say what’s on your mind before the weekend kicks off and start the weekend out right. Also, have an awkward ass clip from Baywatch that I haven’t thought about in more than a decade. Thanks to Molenaar for unintentionally reminding me of it.

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