Toilet Radio 468 – Our Favorite Songs of 2023


We’re winding down the year on Toilet Radio. This week we’re playing you our favorite jammy jams of the fiscal year ending 2k23. That’s right, we’re talking about music that we actually like. Quelle horreur. To make up for this error in judgement, next week we’re playing you the top 20 most streamed “rock” and/or “metal” songs of the year as decided by the unwashed public. This week we’re also talking about the unexpected Power Trip reunion that happened at a Fugitive show in Austin and holiday horror stories in the ER. Folks, it’s a good one.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Wazzarra – Visiûn
Dead Heat –
Eyes of the Real 
Vintersea –
Unveiling Light
Crossed Hearts –
Industrial Puke –
Hell is in Hello 
Agriculture –
Look, Pt. 1

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