Sunday Sesh: What will Morbid Angel name their new album?


I know we talked about Morbid Angel just last week, but we’re doing it again, knobs. Hey! Knob. That actually works!

As you’re likely aware if you have both neck and noodly mass between your ears, Morbid Angel follow an alphabetic naming scheme for thei albums. Their first album was named Altars of Madness since A is the first letter of the alphabet. How ’bout that? Every album since has followed suit. The full discography, in case you need a reminder, is reproduced below.

  1. Altars of Madness (1989)
  2. Blessed Are the Sick (1991)
  3. Covenant (1993)
  4. Domination (1995)
  5. Entangled in Chaos [Live Album] (1996)
  6. Formulas Fatal to the Flesh (1998)
  7. Gateways to Annihilation (2000)
  8. Heretic (2003)
  9. Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
  10. Juvenilia [Live] (2015)

Since their most recent release, Juvenilia (which I honestly just learned about today), started with J, that means the next one (if the trend continues), should start with a K. So your assignment today is to determine what the hell Azagthoth and co are going to christen their next record. Supply a photoshop if you can.

Think the death metal masters will come up with something better than King K Rool’s Keep (unlikely)? Let me know below.

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