Sunday Sesh: “Don’t forget us!” – December Releases


Although there are a number of reasons to dislike year-end list season, one of the most prominent is the simple fact that many brilliant records released in December are tragically overlooked. Too late in the 2016 cycle and too early to be remembered in 2017, many of these records are banished to a sort of twilight netherworld and never given the adulation they are due. This post is for them.

Perhaps the biggest release I’m anticipating in December is Prelapsarian by Krallice. However, since most of us are more than familiar with the quality of Marston and friends’ work, I thought I’d use this platform to shine a little light on one of the most pleasant year-end surprises from the gutters of grind.

Anthrophobia by Godhole/Crozier is a tour de force of noisy grind. This short, sweet, and utterly brutal 7″ EP see the smart blasting trio Godhole pair their twisting riffs and unrepentant rhythm section with Crozier’s nauseating tape hiss and electronic malice. The end result is 7 tracks of utter hatred that clock in at just a little over 7 minutes of rumbling chaos. Perhaps the best example of what this collaboration brings to the table is “Living a Quiet Death.” At just about half a minute in, the grind trio starts ripping away your flesh with a particularly heinous crust riff that descends into a series of pinched noted accented by mounting static and shrieking. The song then ends with a wall of sound composed of pummeling 80s sci-fi bleeps and blast beats. It’s harrowing and damn fun to boot. Consider Anthrophobia the sloppier, choppier, rabid version of the collaboration between Full of Hell and Merzbow.

But Godhole aren’t the only ones dropping bombs over the holidays. I’m quite looking forward to what Teitanblood‘s next EP has to offer, as I know many of you are. So now it’s your turn. Share what overlooked releases you’re enjoying here at the end of all things.

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