Sunday Sesh: Photochoppin’ Down the Christmas Tree


We haven’t done one of these in a long time, so consider this your official holiday season Starbucks-red-cup-approved photochop extravaganza. Your prompt?

Who is sitting on Santa’s lap?

It could be Papa Emeritus. It could be that sad robit from the cover of Infrared Horizon. It’s up to you decide. Determining whether they’ve been naughty or nice is optional.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Navigate to the googler
  2. Find your favorite picture of some broke mall Santa with a screaming toddler on his lap
  3. Fire up your favorite chopping mechanism (I suggest for the broke schmoes among you)
  4. Chop in your favorite metal musician
  5. Add in a twist for fun and glory!

Share your chops in the comments below. If you’ve been a very good boy, girl, alien, or robit, Santa may even bequeath you a little something under your Christmas tree (if you know what I mean).

Have at it!

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