Sunday Sesh: Jailed


Ever stumble upon a release/band you had never heard of prior, think THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! Only to do some digging for more and find out they’re on indefinite hiatus or split-up due to one or more members being jailed? This seems to happen too damn often. 

Last week a friend from a band I’ve mentioned on here at least 263 times sent a link to an album from the Finnish band Numinous. Within minutes I was enthralled, commenced some cursory checks around the traps and discovered they only have one full-length release, a self-titled from 2011. Listen to these fucking riffs!

So after reading through what basically amounted to a bunch of people discussing whether or not the awesome slides in the riffs are glissando or portamento and promptly shutting the locker, I did a bit more scratching around and found this statement on Metal Archives –

The band is comprised of two members.

According to a press release by Northern Heritage Records in 2015, the band was put on hold around 2003 when one of the members served jail time for stabbing two people. The band resumed activity in 2011, but had to put the band on hold yet again after both members were sent to prison on assault (with a “severely oversized blade”) charges.

Well, fuck. Guess the riffs at 27:47 on repeat will have to suffice until their sentence is served. The album has a palpably pernicious presence (getcha Pulitzer Prize please?) and will draw you perilously close to being engulfed in the flames of Hell itself, should you give it half a chance.

So many artists over the years have run into trouble with the law, to varying degrees. How different would things have been different for Dissection had Nödtveldt not been convicted of murder? Would Reinkaos still exist? Would ODB still OD be? I’m sure all of you have at least one artist you can think of immediately whose jail time affected a band you enjoy(ed), which was the most crushing for you? Let’s hear them below. Also, for the fun of it, name the artist you’d like to see imprisoned for crimes against metal. State their name and their alleged crime.


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