Tech Death Thursday-ish: Just What The Doctor Delirium Ordered


I’ve been waiting for this album for this album to come out for 7 years. As I write this, 31.1.2019 – 20:24 +2 GMT, I have not heard a note of it. But we’re about to.

News, news, let’s see, we need some news here first

  • Target? Target will do. A tech-death band from Chile that’s got a lot of smooth-prog going for them just released their sophomore Deep Water Flames and it could be up your alley if names like Cynic, Pavor or Theory In Practice do anything to you.
  • Alterbeast and Continuum are going on a West Coast tour with Aethere
  • Brian Johnson confirms he’ll be singing on the next AC/DC album
  • Rivers of Nihil are gonna play Where Owls Know My Name in full on their next tour, and there will be a saxomaphonist.

For reasons likely obvious I have not had any time to spend with this album, or song, and I didn’t even press play until as I began to write this sentence. De Lirium’s Order has definitely come a long way from recording on of the all-time best death/thrash albums and from their Carcass-ish death metal phase as well. I’ve been digging all of their previous albums and I’m carefully digging this new single too, although despite knowing it to be a that this album would combine flamenco and death metal, there was a huge pat of me that hoped it would not have been one after all, it does reportedly feature an accordion though. “Orion’s Cry” features neither, but I guess there’s still the rest.

Oh, right. Allegaeon released some details regarding their upcoming album Apoptosis, first to feature bassist Brandon Michael. It’s gonna be out on April 19th, and there’s a song called “Stellar Tidal Disruption” out now. I suppose that’s all most of you’ll be wanting hear for the time being.

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