Track Premiere: Castle Freak’s “Human Hive”


Check out this exclusive stream of “Human Hive” by Philly-based death metal punks Castle Freak.

“Human Hive” opens the way every great song opens: with a creepy movie sample. In this case, it’s a bit of dialog from horror anthology classic, Creepshow.  It all makes perfect sense for a band named after Castle Freak, a cheap 90s slasher that definitely didn’t scare me half to death the first time I saw it. These dudes have captured the crass, violent joy that makes death metal and horror movies so damned fun with their latest EP Human Hive.

Two years removed from the very dope Still Rotting EP, Human Hive marks an upgrade in production quality and a rhythm section change-up for the band. Sebastian Phillips, guitarist of the supremely radical death metal band Noisem, joined on to handle drum duties, and Ben Anft (ex-Necropsy, the band now known as Noisem) stepped in on the bass. The EP is five tracks of breakneck riffs and slippery solos, including a siqqq cover of Impetigo‘s “Boneyard”.

I’m very stoked to premiere the title track to Human Hive here at Toilet ov Hell. Enjoy it, or get mauled to death by your poor chained-up and tortured brother.

Castle Freak


Human Hive drops March 19th. Pick it up from Castle Freak’s Bandcamp, and stay up to date with Castle Freak on Facebook.

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