TMP-Extra: Warrel Dane, Candlemass, I. Ron Reagan & More!


This is what happens when you’re a lazy bum who keeps four day weekends. the news pile up so bad there’s no containing them in one post.

Because Warrel Dane was working on his second solo album at the time of his untimely death, it was only a matter of time before the tracks were “completed” in the hands of others in a manner they believed Warrel may have wanted to. Here is the first single from Warrel Dane’s posthumous swansong, Shadow Work.

Unleashed brings the thunder as they hunt for the white Christ to restore him into his Arabic glory.

Swamp metal masters Kalmah worship the Swamplord on this new video.

Landphil Hall is apparently going to die if he doesn’t release something every two months, so here’s a song from an upcoming Iron Reagan EP that I can barely muster any excitement for (even though this track is jamming) because I’m still spinning the last ones.

Archgoat with single three from upcoming record, first with new drummer Goat Agressor (jesus guys, that’s two drummers after Triumphator, tone down with the Spinal tap Juice). Each of the song is already better than the tepid EP from last year.

Les Hernandes of The Quintessentials is undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer, and to help out with the costs, Down Among The Dead Men have released two new tracks from the Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! sessions

I’m starting to think Leif Edling doesn’t like Mats Leven particularly much because he’s constantly fucking him up the ass. After burying the short lived Abstrakt Algebra to restart Candlemass, Leif did not invite Leven to join. After things went south with Messiah Marcolin, once again, Leven did appear on some demos but the band went with Robert Lowe instead. Eventually Lowe was fired because he wasn’t up to scratch, Leven – who had all this time worked with Edling in his more experimental, less known Krux – was invited to join as a live vocalist, as Edling swore to never record another Candlemass album again, desiring to quit while he was still ahead.

Well we know how that went, Edling decided to work his way around his oath by recording two EPs, neither great. Not that much of Candlemass’ work of recent years had been masterful up to that point, but it seemed the three Avatarium albums (even though he didn’t appear on the third, Edling still wrote it) and The Doomsday Kigndom’s debut had drained most of Edling’s better material. Now that Edling seems to have figured no one remembers his oath anymore, Candlemass is actually working on a new full-length, and what might have, at last, raised Leven to the recognition he deserves, is once again going to happen without him. He is out. And Johan Längquist, the vocalist from Epicus Doomicus Metallicum is in. Mind you, I’m not complaining, EDM is the best Candlemass record by far, and Johan’s miserable vocals fit it perfectly. And if this rehearsal video is to be believed, he’s still up to scratch.



  • Siege of Power released a new track, look for a review sometime this week(?)
  • Keravian death metal masters Amputory have decided to part ways with their vocalist (second time since the recording of their latest, the great Ode To Gore) and landed on Pasi Koskinen, and old friend of the band, best known from his years in Amorphis, Shape of Despair and Ajattara.
  • Chthonic, the Taiwanese sympho-black-metallers-turning-melodeath, are back with a genocidal twist.
  • If you’ve ever had a boner thinkin ’bout “Myyyyy Sharona”, while under the influence of weed (don’t do drugs kids), you can now enjoy this thing for real.
  • Radux enters deal with Svart records, and releases a speed/thrashing song.
  • Madball is touring with Suicidal Tendencies
  • Aeolian is a band and has a new song,
  • Witness the dark side of Muse
  • New Hautajaisyö, including guests and a Amorphis cover
  • I think Tomb of Finland is a rill gud band, so you should check out this new track
  • Hank von Helvete is back for all you Turbojugend boys and girls, don’t believe the hype, though, this isn’t any close to old Turbonegro than the band’s current antics, apart from the butt-centric lyrics and Hank’s singing which takes me back to Apocalypse Dudes a bit.
  • New Medeia, check it out if you dig modern metal with a techy twist.
  • More singles from that upcoming Wolfheart album
  • Get up on this Barbarian Hermit
  • Deadships track-a-doodle-doo, neighbourino
  • Nekroi Theoi do the thing with them corpses
  • Check out The Vintage Caravan for that sweet, obnoxious nostalgia for a time you’ve never lived in (and neither did the band)
  • Burning Witches is some of the most mind-bogglingly boring things Nuclear Blast ever signed. Bad Nb, BAD!
  • Don’t Bullshit Tankard, Where’s The Beer!?
  • Monuments is a thing that goes
  • Please, stop the news, please, I haven’t slept in 3 weeks
  • Gost signed to Century Media, new-ish(?) track out
  • Krisiun’s got a new track and so does Satan
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