Tech Death Thursday: Narada


Prepare to have your facial flesh vaporized!

This post is going to be a little different in that I hadn’t even heard of Narada until I stumbled upon them about ten minutes ago (shut up I know what I’m talking about here). However, I am digging the ever loving fuck out of these Russians and, as such, felt compelled to write about them. Right off the bat this band impressed the shit out of me. Perfect production (not too clean or too dirty), impressive instrumentation, riffs for days and great vocals have me sitting here wondering where the hell these guys came from. If you took parts of Behemoth, Origin, and Deeds of flesh and baked a cake with a little Nile sprinkled on top, this is what you would get:

This actually reminds me of the post from few days ago about Cryptopsy’s None So Vile.  Specifically, the part about writing songs that are technical without sounding wanky or sacrificing song structure. There are some super sweet riffs on this album too, like the one in the intro of “Chikkhai Bardo” (U Wot?). I really don’t know where these guys came from (insert snide MSD remark here), but I’m glad they have risen from the depths of whatever hole they were hiding in to bring us Dead Waters. It seems these guys aren’t signed either. @Unique Leader Records, something tells me you guys are aware of these posts. Sign these dudes, thank me later. They only have 66 likes on Facebook. This must be rectified.


Now we have a guest submission from Nordling Rites ov Karhu, here’s what he has to say:

The song is “Autistic Savant” by a band called De Lirium’s Order.

This might not be my favorite song by De Lirium’s Order, but it is maybe the most popular. Their brand of metal is a Finnish mix of technical death metal and melodies with a little thrash on the side. It is really worthy of your time.


That’s good shit man, thanks for the submission!
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