Test Your Metallica Knowledge; Clickhole Continues to be the Greatest Experiment of Our Era


Think you’re a big fan of this loud, sad band? Prove it!

If you’re not intimately familiar with Clickhole, the Onion‘s beautiful, horrific sister that exists to skewer the evil that is “Internet culture”, you need to get learned. From Buzzfeed-esque articles like “Heartwarming: Watch This Dad Totally Accept His Gay Son Coming Out And Then Eat 12 Tacos” to completely baffling and FUCKING GENIUS quizzes like “Are You a Big Jazz Boy or a Little Jazz Boy?” and the life-changing “Which One of my Garbage Sons Are You?“, Clickhole is the best thing to happen to the Internet since cute animals. If you like things that are good and not bad, Clickhole is for you.

With supreme pleasure, I found that Clickhole recently tackled the most accomplished band in Metal. Finally, with one quiz you can determine how big of a Metallica fan you are. With their typically ball-busting style, Clickhole tasks you with naming how many Metallica songs you’ve heard. Sure, every garden-variety metal fan has heard “Lightning Certainly Rules” and “A Most Granular Man (Sandman)”, but have you ever listened to “Running From the Loud Sound of Bells”? I mean really listened to it? I bet not, poser.

Get thee to Clickhole and test your knowledge. Let me know in the comments how much you REALLY know about Metallica.



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