Toilet Radio 374 – Craigslist Bands


This week on Toilet Radio: Joe and Breno discuss what it’s like to be a human rotting towards middle age. We’re talking about the failure of starting a band on Craigslist, refusing to engage with music, and finding new hobbies to get into forum arguments about. Breno regales us with a tale of seeing Kirk Hammett forget how to play guitar at a festival populated by young pop bands and… Weezer. Ugh. ALSO, Amon Amarth has a new track out and we finally get an answer to the question, “What if Five Finger Death Punch tried to rip off Bolt Thrower?” In better news, Mercyful Fate has new music and there’s a trailer for a new Beavis and Butthead movie! Breno sends nice pedals to up-and-comers Knoll and we impotently yell at the Federal Reserve for making us broke as shit.

Music featured on this ‘sode:

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