The Celtic Frosty Podcast Goes Tech


Celtic Frosty is dropping by to pimp his latest ‘cast.

For those of you unaware, I’ve started my own podcast called The Celtic Frosty Podcast, because I’m super good at naming things. It’s based on the same format as Radio Fenriz. I choose a theme, create a playlist, and play DJ for about an hour. I’m only 2 episodes in, but having a hell of a time cobbling it all together.

On my most recent episode, I decided to focus on a genre that I previously didn’t pay much attention to – Tech Death. My inspiration was the new Wormed tuneage that’s been coming out in drips and drabs over the last few weeks (you can now stream the entire album here). I reached out to our local gurus of tech Jack Bauer and Spear on the Toilet ov Hell Facebook group for some recommendations, as well as going back and sifting through our own Tech Death Thursday series (the OG weekly tech death series) for inspiration. The results speak for themselves. This playlist is a dick-crushing sampler of high octane tech, brutal tech and progressive tech death that I hope will create some new fans of the genre. I know it certainly converted me.

A lot of our regular readers will recognize most of these songs, but those living outside the rim of our humble toilet will hopefully find something fresh and exciting. I’ve listed the tracks below along with links to each album. I was lucky enough on this episode to find everything I needed on Bandcamp, so if you hear something you really like, click that link and open your tight ass wallet.

1. Deviant Process – “Narcissistic Rage”

2. Separatist – “Ω”

3. Primordium – “The Incursion”…escence

4. Veiled in Sorrow – “My Decrepit Lament”

5. Atlas Entity – “Upon the Crest of Solar Winds”

6. Unhuman – “Psychotic Afterlife”

7. Perihelion – “Devouring Lifeforms”

8. Contrarian – “Need for Apathy”

9. Necrosy – “Drown Into Perdition (at 320 bpm)”

10. Irreversible Mechanism – “Outburst”

11. A Loathing Requiem – “Prismatic Delusion”…es-eternal

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet bought a proper mic because I don’t want to start spending money on this until I know it’s something I’ll stick with (I quit a lot). The awful voice recording you’re hearing is courtesy of the mic on my earbuds. Sorry about that.

Stay Tech!

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