Undeath Will Cause You Sentient Autolysis


The fear of Undeath follows from the fear of life.

If you, like me, are a disgusting monster whose entire existence is dependent on the consumption of death metal demos, then you’re probably well aware that Rochester, New York’s Undeath released one of the year’s finest and most OUGH worthy demos back in March. As if to further prove that time in 2019 means absolutely nothing, they’re back with another demo, Sentient Autolysis, a scant four months after first grabbing the underground’s attention.

Though the turnaround time was extremely quick, it was plenty long enough for these maniacs to tighten things up and kick every facet of their game up a notch. Everything from faster (and slower), more ignorant and note packed riffs, to the grosser logo, to the absolutely bonkers cover art courtesy of drummer Matt Browning (seriously, I’ve just been staring at it and thinking it would take me a thousand years) is cranked up to eleven. Luckily for you, you can find out for yourself right now!

I’m incredibly excited to bring you flushalos the premier of Sentient Autolysis. It’s a perfect blend of OSDM chug and wonked out angular riffage. If you even remotely enjoyed Demo ’19 then you’ll be head over heels for Sentient Autolysis. 

Undeath’s Sentient Autolysis drops July 29th via Caligari Records. You can purchase digital copies here or tape copies here.

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