The Official 4/20 Toilet Ov Hell Playlist is Loud


The time has come, once again, to go green. Do it for Pele dankness.

Today is 4/20, a date saved worldwide for the celebration and comsumption of the Cannabis genre. Whether you live in a legalized area or not, whether you’ll partake in danktivities or not, we can all agree on one thing – marijuana has inspired greatness in many forms of entertainment. Without weed, we would have never had Harold & Kumar Go To White CastleHalf BakedPineapple ExpressUp In Smoke, amazing stand up skits and many, many other works of art (feel free to tell us your favorites).


Perhaps the most numerous, and why not, the best contributions of weed to the world of art/entertainment lie on the realm of music. With this in mind, I compiled a little playlist to go with today’s celebration. The last “track” will hopefully bring forth the realest among us. If you skip it you’re a poser.

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