Flush It Friday: Weeb Edition

Char's Counterattack


Another week comes to a close, and we all gather around the toilet bowl to share our experiences via puking them up in the comments section and flushing them into a tasty cocktail to pass around. So drink a ton of hydrogen peroxide and let’s get to the pukefest so we can enjoy one another’s life flavors.

The Good: I started a new job this week. Hopefully this one lasts more than a few months. So far it’s pretty great. I’m a bit ahead of them when it comes to technology I like to use, but I’ve been told that’s part of why I was hired, so it should be fun to push for updating their technology.

I’m also going to ProgPower next weekend, so for one weekend I won’t be the biggest nerd I know. I get to see Dragonland‘s first ever US appearance, and Falconer‘s final live appearance.

My choir Vox started back up, and this is easily the best group we’ve ever had. The pieces we’ll be performing don’t get difficult until spring, but I’m confident this group will be the one that finally conquers the Schoenberg. We’ll be performing at the NC ACDA this year, and my college choir director, one of about four people who deeply inspired my love for all music, will be there as well, and I’m ultra stoked to see him and have him see my post-college choir. We’re also doing Howell’s Requiem and Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Dona Nobis Pacem, both of which are just absolutely stunning. Pro-tip for non-choir nerds: don’t put this on in the background. Get the words (and the sheet music if you can read it) and listen to these for the ultimate experience. Howell’s Requiem is an emotionally HEAVY work of art. I swear if any of you come in the comments complaining about sacred music I’m gonna drop so many choir links on your face.

Finally, I started playing Half-Life 2 again, because that game is one of my all time favorites. It’s been a real treat to rediscover it.

The Bad: I can’t get my sleep schedule right at all. I’m used to not being able to sleep before the first day at a new job, but that coupled with my poor sleep habits during unemployment have me napping as soon as I get home, then staying up until 4 AM. Hasn’t affected me at work yet, since so far I’ve had very little to do outside of signing papers and whatnot, but I need to get this under control in the next couple weeks if I’m going to survive.

Stop hitting yourself

Stop hitting yourself

The Ugly: My cat Albus’ fleas came back. Can’t get rid of these dumb things. There’s also some drama between some local punks going on right now, and as entertaining as it is, I wish someone would just nuke the planet already.

As an added request for this week’s routine, give me your biggest, filthiest, most cavernous black metal. I’ve been listening to Misþyrming, Nightbringer, Blaze of Perdition, and Tribulation all week.  This is apparently how I get ready for ProgPower.

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