Riff Of The Week: New Edition


RotW is back for 2019 in a completely not new and most definitely unimproved form!

Before we get into the first Riffenning for the new year, let’s take a look at the results from our final comp of 2018. In a surprising turn of events, a favourable post from Woundvac on their social media pages just managed to see them overcome the slimey sharelords in Slugdge. Usually any time the sluggyboys are submitted they enact the Molluscian horde and swamp the voting, however it wasn’t enough to clinch the win this time. They’ll have to settle for winning the community album of the year award instead.

This week our theme was NEW. Here’s what you’ve got to vote on…

Emilie Autumn – “Dead Is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix) [Riff @ 3:22]

This song has an electric violin! It’s way closer to gothic industrial than metal, but it’s still some really cool noise.

Strapping Young Lad – ‘All Hail the New Flesh’ [Riff @ 1:37]

It has the word NEW in the title! (It’s not very creative, but neither am I… that won’t stop me from winning.) This song marks a discreet, quantifiable moment in history when I shed the nu-metal skin and entered the world of trve heavy metal; when I donated my Disturbed and Static-X shirts to Goodwill. Song is chock full of bangers, and even features an allowable breakdown (gasp!). Such is the power of SYL.

Cattle Decapitation – ‘The New Dawn’ [Riff @ 0:50]

This riff just seems fresh and anew every time I put it on. Nice and clean. Travis Ryan and the boys will NEVER disappoint in my world.

Testament – ‘The New Order’ [Riff @ 0:25]

Obvious choice? yes. Do I give a shit? No. Not when it’s one of the best riffs off one of the best thrash albums of all time. The Big 4 all released albums that year, but none were as good as this one.

Xenoblight – ‘Transcendence’ [Riff @ 0:00]

Danish new-comers and winners of the nationale Wacken Open Air battle delivers crushing riff after riff on their debut, and this is just a small example of that!

It’s Me – Still Alive
(0) – ‘(1136)’ [Riff @ 0:00]

I am kind of demotivated to send my suggestion, as the bands riff I will suggest will be the one either no-one knows or maybe some needed guys out there somehow heard of. The most demotivating about it is – my suggestion will never be on top whatever the heck…. So why don’t you guys count best riffs suggestion in best underground manner, which is – start counting from the fewest and put them on your top whatever… Well, with this presentation of a band, that might be Denmarks shining star in 2019 along with another band called Slægt I would like to suggest (0) or parantes0parantes as the call themselvs on facebook. A band with a minimalistic title has titles in same style (number).
Yes I am a hardcore fan 😉
Underground greetings from the doomy place of Denmark!

Cormorant – ‘The First Man’ [Riff @ 3:38]

Things don’t get much more “new” than the world after it’s formed in creation myths. Based on the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime, this track follows the creation of man through to its logical conclusion (war, subjugation, genocide, you know..normal human stuff). It feels wrong to separate this melodic, folksy death metal riff (?!) from those that surround it, which is a testament to the band’s fluid songwriting.

P.S. I know I always complain about production and drum sound in particular. This album has THE perfect production.

Bloodbath – ‘Brave New Hell’ [Riff @ 0:17]

If you look up Swedeath in the dictionary, this riff plays.

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Next week we’re going ELEMENTAL.
Your riff must come from a song featuring a chemical element in the title.
If it ain’t on the periodic table, try again. Anyone can enter.
Submission details below.

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