Toilet Radio 371 – In THIS Economy???


This week on Toilet Radio: We’re talking about INFLATION and I don’t mean erotic images online! Classic rock VJs cannot handle the cost of chicken parmesan. Joe cannot justify spending $29 on apples. Inflation is so bad that Vince Neil is forced to do ads for payday loans. And amid all this, Metallica thinks you’ll spend $1600 on a record player? And here comes Universal Music Group gouging the price of vinyl? Get right outta town! We’re also talking about Matt Pike’s descent from fun, drug-addled weirdo to “Jewish banker” conspiracy mongering. Not great! Finally, we’re talking about the imminent return of Power Trip. Folks, it’s an episode.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Low Cunning I Refuse to Believe This Multi-Level Dungeon Was Formed Naturally Over Several Eons Because There Are Fucking Stairs Between Floors

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