This Toilet Tuesday (5/14/24)


O ubiquitous urinal, O dung-filled deity, your power is matched only by your stench. This week we’ve got Boromir-core (RIP), cozy bear death/doom, and flying mammals. Descend to the depths with me, my dumplings, and may we return to the surface with treasures untold and unbowled.

Rotten Tomb – The Relief of Death (Death Division Rituals) [Death]

When the last few grains have fallen through the hourglass, do you really want to be let down (one last time) by a shoddily constructed sarcophagus? For the coffin connoisseur in your life, accept nothing less than Rotten Tomb’s latest model, The Relief of Death©. A spacious interior, lined with a muffling layer of reverb, ensures you’ll enter the afterlife in the comforting embrace of OSDM, while the solid, blackened panels will leave you pining for your final breath. Discreet melody dispensers, hidden away in the lining, stave off the foul scent of putrefaction for a time, keeping the ravenous swarms of rats and worms at bay while you enjoy your eternal beauty sleep!

All wights reserved. Rotten Tomb is not liable to replace inconsolable mourners buried along with The Relief of Death©. -Roldy

Altar of Gore – Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies (Nameless Grave Records) [Death]

Ancient Settlers – Oblivion’s Legacy (Scarlet Records) [Melodeath]

Barbarian – A Kiss or a Whisper (Doomentia Records) [Blackthrash / Speed]

Bat – Under the Crooked Claw (Nuclear Blast) [Thrash / Heavy Metal]

Black Velvet – Identity? (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Botanist – Paleobotany (Prophecy Productions) [Post-Black]

Celestial Season – Mysterium III (Roadburn Records) [Death/Doom]

Cognitive – Abhorrence (Metal Blade Records) [Tech Death]

Dawnbreaker – Banisher of Unlight (Vision of God Records) [Symphonic Blackened Death]

Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Records) [Heavy Metal]

Eigenstate Zero – The Malthusian (Independent) [Prog Death]

Elvellon – Ascending in Synergy (Napalm Records) [Symphonic Power]

Eminent Shadow – Dawn of the Dark Age – Inferno Diaboli (Crypts of Eternity Productions) [Death]

Esclavitud – Stronger than a God (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Evoked – Immoral Arts (F.D.A. Records) [Death]

False Providence – Pawns (Independent) [Death]

Forever Falling – The Determinism of Essence in Matter (Independent) [Death/Doom]

Gatecreeper – Dark Superstition (Nuclear Blast) [Death]

Ghost Keeper – The Dread Legion (Independent) [Thrash / Groove Metal]

Göden – Vale of the Fallen (Svart Records) [Death/Doom]

Hell:On – Shaman (Archivist Records) [Death]

Helvetestromb – Promo EP 2024 (Masters of Kaos Productions) [Blackthrash]

Hemotoxin – When Time Becomes Loss (Independent) [Deathrash]

Henry Kane – Circle of Pain (Selfmadegod Records) [Death]

Isaak – Interstellar Cosmic Blues & the Riffalicious Stoner Dudes (Heavy Psych Sounds) [Deathcore SYKE it’s Stoner Doom]

Kulk – It Gets Worse (Independent) [Sludge / Noise Rock]

Littered with Arrows – No Doves Fly Above (Independent) [Sludge / Noise Rock]

Lucidity – Escherian (Inverse Records) [Prog Metal]

Madame Frankenstein – The Eyes of the Mountain Are Mine (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Marty Friedman – Drama (Frontiers Records) [Shred]

Nobody – Despair Is Where My Thoughts Swim (End My Life Records) [DSBM]

Nocturnus AD – Unicursal (Profound Lore Records) [Tech Death]

Olim – Because (Flowing Downward) [Atmoblack]

Orion Child – Aesthesis (Art Gates Records) [Power / Death]

Pain – I Am (Nuclear Blast) [Industrial Metal / Rock]

Pallbearer – Mind Burns Alive (Nuclear Blast) [Doom]

Passage – Crystal (Independent) [Post-Rock]

Praise of Death – Philanthropist (Independent) [Death]

Purple Hell – Asthenia Soul 灵​魂​病​症 (Mort Productions) [Symphonic Melodeath]

Sekengard – Creation’s Veil (Independent) [Folk Metal]

Selk’nam – Kamuk (Independent) [Raw/Lo-Fi Black]

Serement – Abhorrent Invocations (Dolorem Records) [Blackened Death]

Servus – Cyclical Existence (Sun Empire Productions) [Black]

Sons of Cult – Desolation (Fighter Records) [Heavy Metal]

SoulLine – Reflections (Massacre Records) [Melodeath / Metalcore]

Strychnos – Armageddon Patronage (Dark Descent Records) [Blackened Death]

Subfire – Blood Omen (Symmetric Records) [Power / Heavy Metal]

Tezza F. – Key to Your Kingdom (Elevate Records) [Prog/Power]

The Last of Lucy – Godform (Transcending Obscurity Records) [Tech Death]

Tzompantli – Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force (20 Buck Spin) [Death/Doom]

Ufomammut – Hidden (Neurot Recordings) [Psych Doom]

Valhalla – Memories of Yggdrasil (Warner Music Japan) [Power / Heavy Metal]

We’re All Wrong – Leerer (Independent) [Metalcore]

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