Toilet Radio battles over politics and hip hop with STUCK MOJO


In this extremely contentious episode of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 get on the phone with Robby J. Fonts, the latest vocalist for long running rap metal band Stuck Mojo. We press Robby on the band’s continued anti-Muslim imagery, Robby’s assertion that Vince and Axl at MetalSucks are pedophiles, and discuss his belief that YouTube is suppressing the band’s viewcount for their controversial song “Rape Whistle”. Is taxation theft? Does hypocrisy matter? Is this all just a ploy to build celebrity within the right wing media? Find out on this episode.

Music featured on this program:
Nails – “Confront Them” from Obscene Humanity (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Crusty Old Toad – “Edge of the Forest” from Turn People Into Food (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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