Flush It Friday: Good Vibes


Sometimes, life is good.

The work week is ending. The weather is beautiful. I’m putting away some drinks and playing some games with the boys this weekend. It feels good to have the luxury to step back and enjoy the little things from time to time. Nothing else to say; it’s Friday night.

Some highlights from the week:

Carcassbomb gave us the lowdown on some sweet free tunes:

Free Flush Volume 12

Karhu blasted our earholes with a stream of some Italian black metal:

Album Premiere: Argesh – Excommunica

Joe, Breno, and 365 held us at gunpoint and forced us to listen to just the worst Metallica covers:

Toilet Radio 328 – And Nothing Else Matters (Bryan Adams Cover)

Eternal hails to eenzaamheid for saving us from the vile clutches of Danica Patrick:

If You Can Read This, Thank Eenzaamheid

Flush away, fools

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