This Toilet Tuesday (7/9/19)


It’s Toilet Tuesday, folks. The summer rolls onward and the jams continue to roll out, and we’re here to pick through them all and give you the best the week has to offer (or at least whatever catches our eye on a cursory glance at the list). Hans and I have a picked a couple albums with full streams out, so you won’t have to wait to jam them. Check those out, then hit that list for more good shit.

Defenestration – Undesirable (Independent) [Death Metal]

Just solid death metal. Nothing so out there as to make your head spin, but enough little twists to make you perk up about once or twice per song (e.g. that weird time signature at the beginning of “Strangled”). Massive, dirty sound and the very apparent fun the band is having also help this a lot. 7/8/19 (Hans)

Freighter – The Den (Independent) [Prog/Tech/Mathcore]

Speaking of heads spinning, what the fuck is this? Somebody made an album that dives headlong into mathcore that’s fun and- dare I say it?- listenable? Freighter‘s music is weird and jaunty, but it never goes so far off the deep end as to stop being enjoyable. It’s fast and aggressive and weird, and it’s way more palatable than it has any right to be. 7/12/19 (Spear)

Aeon Winds – Stormveiled (Avantgarde Music) [Black Metal]

Batushka – Hospodi (Metal Blade) [Black Metal]

Cazador – Failure to Thrive (Independent) [Sludge]
Listen to “Skeleton Crew”

Cerberus – Fire (Independent) [Like Load-Era Metallica, But With Riffs]
Listen to “Last Dance”

The Chosen One – Demo (Independent) [Death Metal]

Dementor – Blasphemy Madness (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Magic of Death”

Demiurgon – The Oblivious Lure (Everlasting Spew) [Tech Death]

Disentomb – The Decaying Light (Unique Leader/EVP) [Brutal Death Metal]

Disowning – Human Cattle (Xenokorp) [Death Metal]

Dream Tröll – Second to None (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions (Blues Funeral Recordings) [For Real This Time]

Emerald Aisles – Early Aisles (Independent) [Heavy Metal]

False – Portent (Gilead Media) [Black Metal]

Gévaudan – Viles contrées (Independent) [Black Metal]

Gyze – Asian Chaos (Victor Entertainment) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Asian Chaos”

Hemisferio – Anacronía (Dying Victims Productions) [Heavy Metal]

Hollow Haze – Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas (Frontiers Music) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn”

Leopardeath – 雪月風花 (Fores Trax) [Melodeath]
Listen to “舞風”

The Love Team – Hopeless (Independent) [Stoner Doom]

Luna – Luna (Solitude Productions) [Symphonic Death/Doom]

Maelstrom Vale – Silhouettes (Independent) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to “To Surpass the Gods”

Metalian – Vortex (High Roller Records) [Heavy/Speed Metal]

Mind Key – Aliens in Wonderland (Frontiers Music) [Power Prog]
Listen to “Hank (The Blazing Eyes)”

Norikum – Ad Nauseam (Independent) [Melodeath]

Pathetic – Rat King (Independent) [Monstrous Death Metal]

Ribspreader – Crawl and Slither (Horror Pain Gore Death) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Crawl and Slither”

Spiker – Heavy Metal Macht (Dying Victims Productions) [Heavy Metal]

Svadilfare – Fortapte roetter (Naturmacht Productions) [Black Metal]

Tomorrow Brings New Blood – Reborn (Independent) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Burn”

Torche – Admission (Relapse Records) [Dirty Post-Rock?]

Troyen – A New Dawn (Independent) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Syrian Lady”

…Under a Full Moon – Our Riches (Tridroid Records) [Death/Doom]
Listen to “A Thought that Became a Dream”

Visionatica – Enigma Fire (Frontiers Music) [Symphonic Metal]
Listen to “The Pharaoh”

Wandar – Zyklus (Independent) [Black Metal]

Wear Your Wounds – Rust on the Gates of Heaven (Deathwish) [Post-Metal]

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments!

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